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Hudson Underground​ is an NYC based musical group.



The Way Station, Brooklyn

Cafe Vivaldi, Manhattan

Eliot Hudson
Hudson made his singer/song writer debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012. Since then, he's performed in NYC, Pittsburgh, Ohio, and as far away as Barcelona, London, Rome, and Romania. 
Hudson began as a drummer, learning from the great jazz legend Johnny Blowers (then in his 80s) who brought the 9 year old Hudson as his protege to jazz festivals and taverns in New York City. In high school, he picked up the guitar and began putting his poetry to song.
He also is an accomplished author, with an upcoming publication in Lalitamba early of 2016. You can see free content and upcoming publications at his website HERE.
Meghan T
Meghan began her singing career at Leftfield, in NYC's Lower East Side. Since then she's been a karaoke queen on both sides of the Hudson River. Her influences are eclectic ranging from Pop to Punk, from Disney to Billy Joel. 
Meghan grew up in New Jersey and spends her time between Hoboken, Manhattan and Pennsylvania. 
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